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by tiny dinners

a shared commercial kitchen with pop-up retail/micro event space

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About Us

About Us

The team behind Tiny Dinners, a personal chef service business, brings Chef Shack to Grand Rapids, MI in the heart of the East Hills neighborhood. Owners Wes and Sarah, aim to fill a void they see in the shared kitchen and event space community. While incubator kitchens, commercial kitchens, and event spaces are easy to find in the city, what is harder to seek out is a storefront a small business can rent out to sell their goods. Chef Shack exists to bridge the gap between creating food and selling it, by making it possible to do both under the same roof. 


The Kitchen

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

Rental of kitchen space includes the use of 2 prep tables, spee rack, temporary dry, fridge and freezer storage.

Total hours used each month are calculated by a tiered rate system and billed at the beginning of the next month. 

Renter shall furnish their own supplies such as food, spices, oil, and anything else necessary for their process

Storefront pop-up space is available to renters at a discounted hourly rate. 

Share equipment included in rental - 10 burner stovetop and oven, flat top griddle, convection ovens, 20 quart stand mixer, panini press, prep sink, 3 compartment sink, 7 quart stand mixers, food processor, meat slicer, mixing bowls, sheet pans, Vitamix blenders, stick blender

Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, trash bags, kitchen towels, mops, and brooms are included in the rental


What license do I need?

The Renter must hold a valid Food Service License 

What insurance do I need?

The Renter will maintain liability casualty insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. Renter will name Chef Shack a Limited Liability Company, and its divisions, successors, employees, agents, owners, and assigns as insureds on the policy

What Certificates do I need?

The Renter must hold a valid ANSI Food Safety Manager Certificate

The Foyer at Chef Shack

Our Micro Event Space is the perfect location for your next gathering.

Great for groups of up to 20 guests. 

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1003 Lake Drive SE

Grand Rapids MI, 4150

Open By Appointment

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